Mil-Spec Packaging

Our Mil-Spec packaging products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed Military Specifications. Mil-Spec products are used by the Department of Defense and Defense Contractors. We are a distributor of Barrier Bags, Pouches, Shrouds, Blankets, Tubing, Corrugated and Protective Packaging products and more.

All of all products are certified that we meet the specifications called for. Put your trust in us that we will deliver the right product, on time and will meet your expectations and requirements.

Type III, Class 2, Anti Static Barrier Tubing

Mil-Spec Pouches

Mil Spec Packaging Boxes

Our Fast Pack corrugated boxes are complete with a polyurethane foam insert. They are reusable, constructed in a manner that ensures they are sturdy, durable and meet government specifications (PPP-B-1672C).

ASTM-D5118 is made with V3C and W5C (single wall) and V11C (double wall) in Weather Resistant and Domestic. ASTM-D5118 meets all Department of Defense specifications and requirements and is used by Defense Contractors.

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