One source for all your packaging needs.


Americas Preferred Packaging Inc, APP, is a wholesaler and value-added distributor of packaging products and solutions.  We specialize in providing quality products and services from our network of qualified suppliers.  By using our strategic buying power we offer competitive products, and complete solutions.  We strive to supply complete packaging and supply-chain solutions for all our customers.

Who We Serve

  • Prime Defense Contractors
  • Department of Defense
  • UNICOR/Federal Prison Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Companies and Test Labs
  • Manufacturing and Service Industry companies, large and small

Why Choose Us

  • APP’s network of Manufacturing and Logistic resources provides our customers the ability to purchase all of their packaging needs through one source.
  • We satisfy government small business contracting requirements as a Disabled Veteran Owned Company.
  • “A” Priority customer status for optimal customer satisfaction
  • The Best manufacturing fit for All products
  • Price Protection Validation
  • One Stop-Total Packaging Solutions